My name is Laura and I grew up in Chicago surrounded by animals.  From a very young age, some of my most beloved companions have had four legs.  As my parents could attest to in my childhood, I often associated better with animals than humans and would regularly forget to come home from my creature encounters out and about. In my adult life I’ve surrounded myself with dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, rats and degu (look it up!). Professionally, I’ve dedicated over 20 years of my life to careers involving animals either in husbandry while working at a zoo or working on animal’s behalf at an animal advocacy organization and volunteering at an animal shelter and a wildlife rehabilitation center. Curly Girl Pet Care was launched in 2014 after deciding to devote my full time career to caring for animals.  I am the main dog walker and caretaker at Curly Girl.  Always having at least one furred creature in my life over the last 25 years, my current brood includes a thirteen-year-old special needs corgi who rules the house, a seven-year-old terrier mix who is a friend to all (unless you are a mouse) and two rescue birds. You can find me and my mane of curly hair in Chicago’s West Walker neighborhood on the northwest side. If you want your pets to have the love, attention and care that you give while you’re gone, please call me. I will treat them as if they were my own. Visit my KUDOs page to see what people say about me!


Dog Walks & Visits

I know that each dog has different needs. Some need to go out into the yard and sniff every blade of grass. Others have more fun playing fetch. And others are wigglier and need a good walk. I can accommodate the needs of your dog and can also do a combination of play and walk – whatever is best for your dog.

  • Single walks/Two dogs from same house

  • 20 minutes – $12/$17
  • 30 minutes – $15/$20
  • 45 minutes – $20/$25
  • Other visits

  • 15-minute visit or outdoor potty/yard time – $10  (good for seniors, special needs or pups)
  • 30-minute visit or outdoor potty/yard time – $15
  • Early morning (before 8:00) and evening walks (after 5:00) – add $5 to single walk rates
  • Weekend walks/visits –  add $5 to single walk/visit rate
  • Holiday walks/visits –  add $10 to single walk/visit rate
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Creature Comforts

I’ll take care of your other creatures too! Cats, rabbits, birds, reptiles, chickens, etc. This care will include feeding, watering, litter box cleaning, etc. I will also bring in your mail and water plants.

  • 15-minute visit – $10
  • 30-minute visit – $15
  • Weekend visits – add $5 per visit
  • Holiday visits – add $10 per visit
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Vacation Care

In your home

Let’s face it – we know our animals are creatures of habit. They like their homes and feel comforted by their routines. I can accommodate your pet’s needs to make sure they are happy and loved so that you can enjoy your time while away.

  • Standard-

    Three 30-minute walks or backyard playtime visits spaced equally throughout the day and one quick nighttime potty. This package includes feeding, watering, play, bedtime rituals and love. Mail collection and plant watering also included.        $60 per day

  • Luxury-

    Three 45-minute walks or backyard playtime visits spaced equally throughout the day plus one quick nighttime potty. This package includes feeding, watering, play, bedtime rituals and love. Mail collection and plant watering also included.    $75 per day

  • Special needs-

    Please call Curly Girl to discuss specifics of care needed. I can provide a variety of services in addition to taking extra time with a senior or disabled creature. This may include giving medications, administering fluids, a vet visit, etc. Special pricing. Please call Curly Girl.

In my home

While not always ideal, sometimes dedicated attention and care is necessary. Keep in mind that I do have my own dogs so based on the temperament of your dog, they may need to be separated from my permanent residents or it might not be possible for in-home care. Please contact Curly Girl to discuss.

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Laura is an honest and true animal lover. Laura watches my cat on occasion and my cat loves to see her come to the door. Her intuitive nature and kind heart shows and animals can easily sense that she is a kindred spirit. You will feel confident having Laura care for your pet, and your pet will love Laura!

Deb K.

A deep love for all animals  that goes beyond basic care. I know that laura will treat my dog as if he was her own. Not just a walk …. Kisses, hugs, massages and love! I have an elderly dog with knee problems as well, so I feel confident that Laura knows how to walk him and what to do if there is a problem. Priceless!

Kirsten G.

Laura loves every animal she cares for as if it were her own – she specializes in elderly, special-needs dogs, but is equally loving to all ages and species. On a moment’s notice she has dropped everything to pick up our dog from daycare when we are running late, watched our cats many times for last-minute trips, and in general fawns over any animal she meets!  She truly knows the soul of animals, and anyone who hires her has found a gem. There is no one I would trust more to watch my animals.

Amanda H.

If you want a dog walker who is highly trustworthy, experienced with dogs, and who will make your dog feel like the most beloved creature in the universe, Laura “Curly Girl” is YOUR girl. She has cared for my dog for many years, and I can’t imagine entrusting his care to anyone else. She makes me feel confident that he is in the best of hands whenever I’m away from home. More than a dog walker, Laura is truly a “dog whisperer.” I highly recommend her…and you and your dog will love her!

Joyce W.

I cannot imagine a more caring, knowledgeable and attuned person to care for my geriatric, tri-pawd German Shepherd Bigosia, than Laura. Over the years, Laura has helped me spot and address issues in Bigosia’s health and behavior that have provided Bigosia great relief. Her knowledge of and empathy for dogs and other animals run extremely deep.  Bigosia loves Laura beyond words (barks) and howls with delight every time she sees her. I would trust no one more than Laura to care for her if I were not able!

Maile S.


I love animals!

I love animals almost as much as people (and sometimes more)! Here is a small sampling of my dogs and the dogs I’ve already worked with. I’d love to add your pet to the list!

If you want a dog walker who is highly trustworthy, experienced with dogs, and who will make your dog feel like the most beloved creature in the universe, Laura ``Curly Girl`` is YOUR girl. -Joyce W.


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